A partner for sustainable urban development

DW has been operating in Namibia since 2016 and was registered in Zambia as an NGO in 2022.
The aim in Zambia is to support national development goals on housing, urban infrastructure and early childhood development (ECD).

DW Who we are

Who we are

We are a young and dynamic not-for-profit organisation with offices in Namibia, Zambia and Switzerland. Our focus is on sustainable urban development and urban poverty reduction.
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Vision Mission DW Zambia

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to contribute to sustainable urban development and reduced urban poverty in Southern Africa.
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DW Zambia Governance & Accountability

Governance & Accountability

All three DW organisations are registered in their respective countries as not-for-profit organisations, constituting a network of DW entities. Dr. Beat Weber is the Executive Director of DW Switzerland, DW Namibia and DW Zambia.
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DW Zambia Urbanization in Southern Africa

Urbanisation in Southern Africa

Across southern Africa, more and more people live in towns compared to rural areas. Most towns struggle to provide housing for rapidly growing populations.
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DW Zambia Social Enterprise Approach

Social Enterprise Approach

Scale and sustainability are fundamentally important indicators of success for our programmes. However, achieving both with donor funding alone is not possible due to the fluctuating availability and size of donor funds.
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DW Our Donors

Our Donors

Development Workshop (DW) could not do the work that is does without the support of our partners and sponsors. We wish to thank all of you for your continuing generosity.
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