Measuring Impact

Each of our programmes shows very tangible impacts for poor urban residents

Housing for All:

  • Almost 6,000 residential plots being developed, benefitting 6,000 families
  • Assisting 15 towns to get informal settlement growth under control

Play for All:

  • 282 ECD centres (Kindergartens) being supported
  • More than 10,000 children received improved ECD assistance over the last 3 years

Urban Infrastructure:

  • EUR 3 million secured by DWN and being invested into bulk infrastructure in 4 towns during 2023 and 2024, benefitting more than 10,000 poor urban residents in the short term, and many more in the long term.


Web-based GIS

We keep track of key indicators in all our programmes in Namibia, with the same system to be used in our emerging projects in Zambia.

Land & Housing

  1. Location and number of new residential areas developed by DWN
  2. Status of development of the new residential area
  3. Number of plots sold
  4. Status of house construction on each sold plot


  1. Number of households visited by our volunteers
  2. Number of toilets built by residents themselves as a result of our intervention
  3. Number, location and boundaries of informal settlement areas that become Open Defecation Free (ODF)

Early Childhood Development

  1. Location of each ECD centre that we work with
  2. Key information on each centre, including: number of children; status of sanitation facilities; assistance provided by DWN and others

Benefits of such a GIS based impact monitoring system:

  1. Integrated information flows: Data is collected with cell phone apps in the field and directly uploaded on central databases. An in-house GIS officer monitors data integrity.
  2. Management support: The continuously updated online GIS provides staff easy access to relevant information to support effective monitoring, analysis and decision-making.
  3. Transparency: Public access of project interventions and results through the online information hub allows donors a unique opportunity to appreciate the scale and impact of the programme interventions.


We also closely monitor the broader impact our activities have to contributing to changes in legislation, policy or government programmes.

For example:

Land & Housing: Our intervention in Namibia contributed to the fact that the provision of affordable residential land became a national priority and is now explicitly stated in the President’s 5 year development plan ‘Harambee Prosperity Plan II’.