Meeting the Demands of growing Cities

Our vision is to contribute to sustainable urban development and reduced urban poverty in Southern Africa.

We aim to achieve our vision by implementing effective and efficient programmes that are results oriented and focus on key development challenges.

We believe that scale is important in order to improve the lives of as many people as possible. We are therefore expanding our programmes across Southern Africa.

A social enterprise approach underpins our growth and financing strategy: we use grants to develop the programmes and to expand to new towns, and we generate our own income to provide long term sustainability.

Specific aims:

In Namibia we aim to scale the programmes to at least 30 towns until 2027 and to improve the lives of more than 500,000 people.

In Zambia, with its larger population and bigger towns, we aim to start and develop the progammes t at least 15 towns until 2027, and to improve the lives of at least 1 million urban residents.