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Development Workshop Namibia: Land and Rights for the Urban Poor

Namibia is undergoing a major transition from a mainly rural based towards a mainly urban based society. This transition is most visible by rapid urban growth, especially of informal settlements at the towns’ peripheries. While the national population growth rate is approximately 1.41 % (2011 census), informal settlement growth is between 8-15% per year, depending on the town (DWN 2017).


Open defecation free assessment in Nalitungwe by national ODF committee

Sanitation challenges in informal settlements

Build Your Own Tippy Tap – Community led total sanitation success!

DW Namibia are installing 1000’s of COVID-19 “Tippy Taps” in informal settlements across Namibia. How To Build Your Own Tippy Tap and stay safe in this time of Covid.

Click on one of the following links to view/download the Tippy Taps guide:

Afrikaans | English | Oshiwambo | Otjiherero | Rukwangali | Setswana | Silozi

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

Feeding at ECD Centres

An efficient and effective cash-based feeding methodology has been tested during 2021, and can be scaled to a national level. Through the scheme, ECD centres receive certain amounts of cash every month, based on the number of children at their centre. ECD teachers receive training in nutrition and bookkeeping, and then purchase and prepare food for the children. This is much more efficient than distributing food, which would imply considerable costs for logistics and control.

Educarers Training

Parents are engaged through meetings at the ECD centres and receive detailed orientation and materials on how to support their children at home.

Ndesh pre-primary and day care centre

We implement a grant programme through which ECD centres can apply for funds to improve their infrastructure, for example building toilets.

Facilitators Training

We implement a standard ECD training, with detailed training materials.